Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Pattern

Double Knit Soap Sacks

>1 ball of cotton dishcloth yarn
size 7 needles

Cast on 24 stitches, maybe more or less depending on the size of your soap. I used Caress, so compare your soap to it to figure out your stitches.
Row 1: Knit across.
(If you want a border on all 4 sides like the one on the top left of the picture, knit three or four rows. You also need to k3 instead of k1 at the beginning and end of the rows.)
Row 2: K1, (*yif, s1, yib, k1, repeat from * until you get to the last stitch) end k1
Repeat row 2 until the sack is slightly longer than your soap. Then you remove the needle, separate the sides and put a needle in the stitches on either side so you don't drop stitches, and shove the soap inside. Then remove the needles, line up the stitches, and put a needle back in. Knit 1 row (3 if doing the border), and bind off. If you do not use the border I suggest you use the last row to decrease. If you look at the blue, green, purple, and white sack I made it is the cleanest looking one of the bunch. On the last row I k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, etc across. This is optional though.


TeeDee said...

Thank you,
I am trying this to day.
Nice gifts for Christmas.
My daughters will like them.
And so will I.

littlelotto said...

thank you! my friend and I look for unique little gifts for the holidays to make and give.This year we made spa-clothes out of lovely cotton yarns we put three in a stack and folded them in squares, &added a facil soap like Olay and tied it tog with a pretty ribbon.They were a hit!!! we used dish cloth patterns but made them smaller like 7x7 but this pattern is a cool twist to our idea this year!I can't wait to show this to her!!!( as a project for us for next christmas! ) We get tog around March and show ideas both of us have come up with, and then work on the ideas, we agree upon, together, all year . ( we have been friends since we were two years old we are both 57 now.)

Makmelaff said...

I Love this idea. I'm a little curious to Littlelotto saying she made spa-clothes out of cotton yarn. ? I'm lost... but would love to hear more about what she did.

marjory said...

Hi there, I found your free pattern on ravelry and made one today. Lovely and simple pattern. I have never knitted double in my whole life before but this is a very good try out project. you can see my first attempt at my projectpage and at the FO list

TjoanNio is my rvelryname

loopyewes said...

Great pattern and idea! All of the women in my house will get them for stocking stuffers!

meonlybetter said...

Love the idea, I want to make them for stocking stuffers!!

One you slip as if to knit or as if to purl?